We’re here to help ELT-related organisations focus on what they do best by letting us do what we do best: handling IT issues (from websites to databases to apps), marketing issues (from branding and market research to e-mail marketing and social media policy) and sales (identifying and introducing customers, and closing deals if needed).

Our team has decades worth of experience in the ELT market in Japan, and we own or work with the key ELT-related properties in the country — and we’re here to help you make your headaches go away and your balance sheet beam.

Our properties and partners include:

ELTNEWS.com (premier website for English teachers in Japan)
Eigo Kyoiku News (premier website for Japanese English teachers in Japan)
ELTBOOKS.com (expanding online book service with thousands of customers)
SenseiBank (private teacher ~ student matching site)
eigoTown.com (premier independent portal for Japanese learners)

We’ll be happy to meet with you in person or by phone or Skype any time to see how we can help your business grow in Japan. (And we’re especially happy to help organisations looking to enter the Japanese market.)

For more information, please drop our CEO, Matthias Reich a at your convenience.

ELT Services Japan Limited • Hasebe 12 Building, 2F, Hiroo 5-23-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0012